You will receive a full pricelist with your order, however if you wish to order other products you can see our pricelist here.

Multiple Proofs/Digital Prices

Please note that we include the colour and black and white when selling digital images, and we also sell the copyright so you can get your images printed at any point in the future. If you have more than one proof sheet you can see the prices for multiple proofs below.

2 Proof sheets - £90 (£45 per sheet + 1 free 16"x12")

3 Proof sheets - £123 (£41 per sheet + 2 free 16"x12")

4 Proof sheets - £149 (£37.25 per sheet + 3 free 16"x12")

£99 Special Offer

If you wish to purchase the £99 offer and have more than 1 proof sheet, you may add digital images or entire proof sheets to the USB included within this offer for the following prices.

    • To add an additional proof sheet to the USB included within the £99 offer you can do this for £30 per sheet.

      If you wish to add a single digital image from another proof sheet to the USB included within the £99 offer you can do so for £15 per image. This includes the colour and black & white versions of the digital images you purchase.

  • Canvas Prices

    We do a selection of canvases with the following prices:

    10x8 - £83

    14x11 - £95

    16x12 - £110

    16x16 - £115

    16x20 - £129

    We can also do other sizes, please call the office to find out more.